Produk & Layanan
: Jual : Pasang : Instalasi : Setting : Upgrade : Service : Repair : Sparepart : menyediakan beragam Produk & Layanan. Sampaikan saja segala yg menjadi kebutuhan anda, kami akan menyediakan solusinya untuk anda. Baik untuk keperluan usaha/bisnis/organisasi skala mikro/kecil/menengah/besar, untuk jenis usaha dagang/jasa/pabrik, maupun untuk keperluan perseorangan/keluarga/rumah-tangga anda.

Hardware :

Komputer desktop rakitan, komputer desktop branded, server, laptop, notebook, netbook, PC modding, mini PC, komputer gaming, tablet, smartphone, gadget, media player.
Tablets & Gadgets :
Smartphones ; Tablets ; Hybrid notebooks ; Wearable devices : smart watches, activity trackers ; Gadget accessories : gadget case, tongsis, screen protector ; Case & covers ; Charger & Powerbanks ; Headphone & headset ; In-ear monitor earphones ; Headset bluetooth ; Portable speakers ; Keyboard & stylus pen ; Memory cards : SD card, compact flash, micro SD

Desktops & Notebooks :
Ultrabook & sleekbooks ; Consumer notebooks ; 2-in-1 Notebooks ; Gaming notebooks ; Notebook memory modules ; Tas notebook ; All-in-One & PC desktop ; Mini & Micro PC ; Notebooks for business ; Tower PC desktops ; Professional workstations ; Thin clients ; Notebook accessories ; Computer parts : processor, motherboard, VGA card ; PC software : Windows, Office, Antivirus

Aksesories Komputer :
Computer accessories : keyboard, mouse, external harddisk ; Gaming devices : gamepads, joysticks, wheels ; USB webcam ; Monitor : touchscreen, IPS panel, LED monitors ; PC Headsets ; PC speaker ; PC gaming speakers ; Cable & DSL routers ; USB modem ; USB flash drive ; Harddisk eksternal ; DVD & Bluray eksternal ; Solid state drive ; Computer cables : hdmi, usb, rca, optical cables.

Alat Tulis & Peralatan Kantor :
Alat tulis kantor ; Media & kertas ; Mesin absensi ; Mesin kasir/POS system ; Paper shredder ; Office security system : cctv, ip camera, alarm ; Perlengkapan Kantor : brankas, lemari arsip, mesin jilid ; Perangkat Komunikasi : call center, pabx, teleconference ; Network IP Phone ; Printers : all-in-one, laser, inkjet, wide format ; Scanner ; Digital Copyboard ; Mesin fax ; Tinta printer inkjet ; Toner printer laser ; Projector

Server, Network & Power System :
SMB & Enterprise Server : micro, tower, rackmount ; NAS, SAN, Direct attach storages ; Server rack system ; KVM switches ; Server software ; Software licensing solution ; UPS & Power backup ; Genset & power generators ; Network devices : Network routers & modules, network switches, network access points, network accessories : faceplate, data panel, connector.

Software & Solutions :
Retail software ; Software licensing solution : operating system licensing, office productivity licensing, security & antivirus licensing, cad/cam licensing, multimedia licensing, cloud licensing, software utility licensing ; Mail server deployment ; Digital fax server ; Engravng & milling machines ; Large format printers ; Vinyl cutters


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Designing and editing

With the new designer and the content editor, anyone can build a professional and great looking website.


Professional photographers choose Sitemagic CMS because of the awesome Photos extension called Image Montage which beautifully lays out the photos in random order and size (configurable) - every visit is a new experience.


Sitemagic CMS has lots of great features such as contact forms, galleries, rating, file sharing, comment box, password protected pages, and more. But if the built-in features are not sufficient, simply extend Sitemagic using External Modules.

Open and free

Sitemagic CMS is super flexible. In fact, it has a super modern architecture allowing for extensions (plugins) and design templates (themes) to be installed.
If you are a developer, you can write your own extensions and design templates. If not, you can embed a world of plugins using External Modules which allows for e.g. Videos, Maps, Social Media plugins, and much more.
Did we mention that Sitemagic CMS is open sourceand free? The website you create belongs to you - for alleternity.